Our Team

President: ​Mr. Scott Burt is the founder and president of the Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame. Heavily involved in community affairs, he has served as an elected legislative representative for Allegeny County and is a historical philanthropist.  He is known as one of the World's foremost historians on the bare knuckle era of boxing.  Mr. Burt is also the President of the official Bare-Knuckle Boxing sanctioning organization, the Police Gazette Boxing Corporation.  His BK fight rules, Burt's Rules of Engagement, are used in today's legalized bare knuckle fight events.  His dedication to the boxing community doesn't go unnoticed, Mr. Burt was named "Person of the Year" in Ring 44's Veterans Boxing Organization and he has been a prominent figure featured at national and international  bare knuckle events.  As a career high school teacher of 32 years, Scott received numerous awards for his work with at-risk students, including National Teacher of the Year and Land's End 30 Points of Light that honors America's top 50 innovative teachers.

Vice President:  Mr. Joseph P. Curcio was born in Belfast, NY, to a father who served as this town's historian and a grandfather who was one of the volunteers who took care of the church grounds the BKBHOF was originally located upon.  Joe inherited a couch and chair that was owned by Mulddon and used by him and John L. Sullivan during Sullivan's taining days here in Belfast. Joe donated it to the HOF in memory of his daughter, Amanda Curcio.  Joe has also served and an elected mayor of Belfast and is committed to helping develop the treasure that is the BKBHOF.  He is Vice President of Training Facility Research and Development for the Hall of Fame and also Vice President of Business Development for the Police Gazette Boxing Corporation.


Advisory Board:   Mr. Burt has recruited some of the finest talent to advise him when referencing the HOF as well as a worldwide Rankings Committee.  To maintain impartiality and keep them from undue influence while debating potential inductees, their names will remain anonymous. Another equally impressive Board of Advisers also services him via the Police Gazette Boxing.

Official Artist:  Mr. Chris Guzman is an artist who is known world-wide for creating custom-painted boxing gloves - many are signed by the celebrities he paints.   But as Scott's official Hall of Fame artist "takes off his gloves" and annually paints a portrait containing inductee on a large canvas  to remain on display in the training barn's HOF Room.  Chris unveils his signature painting during the ceremony.  Interestingly, the painting always features a depiction of the barns - even if hidden.  Fans can follow Guzman on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boxing.glove.artist/