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The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame includes the training barns used by The Great John L. Sullivan to prepare for the last Bare Knuckle Boxing Championship of the World against Jake Kilrain! He trained here in Belfast, New York, for an epic 75-round brawl that took place in 1889 in Richburg, Mississippi. Originally owned by trainer William Muldoon, the barns were the training headquarters for Sullivan who arrived in Belfast not in the best of shape. Just six months pervious to his arrival he was extremely sick and could not walk without the aid of crutches.  Using training techniques that were ahead of his time, Muldoon helped Sullivan get into the best shape of his life. To learn more about Sullivan, Muldoon, and our property, read this interview by Nellie Bly (she is a BKBHOF Inductee, too!)  LINK HERE.

After Muldoon's death, the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame barns were virtually untouched for more than 120 years until our President, Scott Burt, stepped in to save them in 2009.